Media items are displayed below session / sub-session descriptions. Link based media items display an icon and text. See the example to "Contact the speaker(s) for this session". 

The default icon is a globe in a page to indicate a URL. 

Yes, we have default images if no icon URL is supplied. Create your own icon based on this example (right click the image to download it): 

Notice how the graphic itself has extra padding. The icon in the graphic does not go edge to edge. Make sure to keep that padding. In the image below you can see the white area that is the padding, creating extra white space/margin.


  • 170px wide x 140 px tall at 72dpi
  • .png file format
  • Ensure to provide sufficient margin of at least 20px to the edge of the graphic. So your icon graphic may only be 150x120 pixels in size within the image file to include the padding as shown in the sample above. 
  • Compress the graphic to ensure smallest file size using services like tinypng
  • Upload the graphic to your server and note down the URL. Ensure the URL does not contain symbols or spaces and starts with https:// and not http://.
    Correct URL:
    Bad URL (missing s after http:, contains symbols, spaces, and has the wrong file extension): [1] version.pdf
    • If you don't have a web server, you can upload the graphic to your project via the EventPilot CMS > Home > Uploads tab (use type speaker image)
  • Copy the URL the EventPilot CMS generated for you and use it with your Media CSV or media data source in the Icon column 

Examples of Media Items

Additional Sample Icons