SOT 2020 (video tutorials for the online planner)

HRS 2018 (screen recording)

ASH 2017 (live action with audio explanations and background music)

APHA 2017 (screen recording with audio explanation, background music, and subtitle)

SfN 2016 (screenshots with audio explanation and background music)

TAGC 2016 (screenshots with background music)

APHA 2018 (screenshots with background music)


Create Your Own Video

Video tutorials are useful tools to help users understand the best and most efficient ways to use the EventPilot Conference App.  

Tools you will need:

  1. Your you iOS device loaded with current EventPilot App
  2. Your iOS device connected to a computer equipped with QuickTime
  3. Your operating systems as follows:
  • iOS Device: iOS8 or higher
  • A Mac running OS X Yosemite or later

*iOS iPhones are currently the leading device for conference app downloads.  It is recommended to create your video with this type of device to be sure that you are presenting the tips & tricks using the most common device.

Below are some helpful articles that will bring you through the process step by step.

Apple Support - How to Use QuickTime

Blog Step by Step from the iOSHacker website