ATIV's RouteInside technology allows you to set up indoor navigation through your venue across multiple floors and even between buildings. 

Attention: Routing for Convention Centers

If you need to set up routing for a convention center, please first check with your Client Relationship Manager if this particular center has already been set up. In that case, we can provide you with all the prepared floor plan graphics. If not, please send us the contact information of your facilities provider so that our team can get in touch and receive high resolution vector graphics, dimensions, orientation, etc.

If you provide floor plans for your own venue, the following is required in order to successfully route your users:

One Floor Plan per Image

Do not include multiple floors in a single graphic. Each floor must be displayed on its own image. 

Incorrect for Routing
Correct for Routing

Aspect Ratio

If you have a long and skinny floor, add margins to your graphic to achieve close to a 3:4 or 4:3 aspect ratio for best results to display in the app. Utilize the white space to provide additional details about the floor and its location or venue.

Image too Narrow
Correct Ratio

Birds Eye View

Avoid perspective for the floor plan where you would like to route. This will ease setting up walkable areas and helps users understand the routing better. 

Incorrect for Routing
Correct for Routing

Display Entrances, Elevators, Stairs, Escalators

If you upload an image especially for your expo or poster hall, ensure to include sufficient building structure to display entrances/stairs/and elevators to enable routing to your expo hall or to individual booths.

Expo Missing Access
Correct with Entrances

Include a building/structure graphic

Your facility provider may be able to send you a basic building graphic outline that can be added as a thumbnail on each floor plan. Highlighting the floor as in the example image below gives users a visual clue which building floor the image and routing refers to. 

Example floor plan with building thumbnail

Display Venue Name and Floor Plan Level

If you need to display multiple different venues in the app, ensure to include the venue name and the floor's level in each graphic. This ensures that users will always know exactly which floor plan they are looking at without feeling lost.

Example floor plan with venue name and floor level

Upload Floor Maps for Entrances and Connectors

While you may only use the 5th floor of a hotel for your event, you will need to include a floor plan for the ground floor that contains the building entrance. For routing to work, at least on floor plan to connect to the venue entrance must be included. This enables your users to be routed from the entrance to a specific room. 

Any floor plans with rooms that are not easily or logically accessible should have connector floor plans included. For example, an event in Ballroom X may only be accessible via a walkway from the third floor. In this case, you would upload the first floor of the building with the building entrance. Then upload the third floor which is accessible from the first floor via an elevator. Finally upload the floor plan for Ballroom X which attendees would reach via the walkway from the third floor. 

  1. Upload the floor graphic that includes the building entrance for each venue
  2. Upload special floor plans (connecting walkways) that are required for successful routing to the final destination

Provide Dimensions

In order to set up routing, our team needs to know the scale of each graphic. Ask your facilities provider to send you the dimensions for meeting rooms and exhibit halls. 

Room Dimension Example

Include orientation

Ensure your graphic includes an indication where North is as highlighted in the example graphic below. If multiple elevators, escalators, or stairs are available in the graphic, the orientation becomes critical as the step by step routing instructions may include to use the "South Elevator."  

For a set up with indoor positioning with automatic routing, the map orientation must be known so users can immediately see their direction by seeing the orientation indicator with their current position.

Map image example with North orientation

Use Lighter Colors

If your floor plans are very colorful, lighten the image to ensure that your users can still easily see the navigation on top of the graphic. 

Image too Dark
Light Colors Better for Routing

Image Size and Compression

Your attendees will likely install the app once they arrive. This means, your graphics need to download via your WiFi onsite. Ensure the graphics are as small as possible in size. 

Recommended width: 2000 pixels

Recommended height: 1500 pixels

Do not use a transparent background! 

Before uploading the graphic, compress it via It's a free site where you can upload your graphic and their service will apply an excellent compression on the file. Download the file and open the CMS > Mapping > upload your maps. 

After upload, give each map a label and assign it to their venue.

If you have not yet set up your venue, go to CMS > Mapping > Venues