1. Ensure that all speakers associated to sessions where you want to collect handouts have a Private Email mapped in the data source import. The private email address is required for the speakers to receive the invitation.
    1. CMS > Speakers > check your import source > Field Map
      Note: The speaker's private email address is not displayed in the platform. If you wish to display the speaker's email address, please populate in the Email field for the speaker.
  2. Speakers log in the same way attendees log in. If your system is set up using simple authentication using the attendee list, all your speakers must be included in the attendee list. If your system uses and integration with your registration system, your speakers must be registered. The email address in the attendee list or registration system does not have to match the private email address in the Speaker tab. 
  3. Prepare your speakers:
    1. what you expect for them to submit (e.g. if you want them to create a 5min video, let them know in advance) and if there are any limitations (e.g. an mp4 video file max 25MB, or a PDF max 5MB)
    2. content submission dates
    3. when you are displaying their content in the platform
  4. Ask your speakers to add in their address book so that the invitation is not sent to the  spam folder. The email they receive will be sent from is: ATIV Software <>
    with a subject line: Invitation to Add Content to <your event>

Content & Handout Setup

  1. In the CMS, access Add-Ons > Speaker Portal
  2. In the Handouts tab, press the blue + button to add a new handout type
  3. Select what you want the speakers to submit
    1. Website Link - basic URL to a web page for example the speakers LinkedIn URL
    2. PDF file - standard PDF file for example of a Poster or a PowerPoint Presentation
    3. Virtual Poster / Presentation - a PDF with the option to record an audio narration
    4. Video - an .mp4 video file that could be recorded by the speaker using any screen recording tools like, Screencastify, Zoom, Quicktime, etc.
  4. Add a label for example "Primary Poster" and if appropriate set the file size / duration for audio recordings
  5. Add a short description or instructions only speakers can see - max 120 characters. E.g. Record the video using or
  6. Click the filter icon to apply the handout request to specific session types
    Note: all speakers associated to that session type (parent and presentation level sessions) will be notified to submit content.
  7. Choose when you want the content to be accessible by attendees in the platform e.g. on each data publish as content becomes available, embargoed until the start date of your event (link appears but will display information when the content becomes available) etc.
  8. Toggle if the item is considered required (this will trigger the system to send a reminder email)
  9. Turn Enable Portal Access ON (you can turn this toggle OFF when you don't want your presenters to continue submitting content)

Speaker Invitations

  1. Switch to the Invite tab
  2. Choose how far in advance of your event you wish the emails to be sent to your speakers. We recommend no more than one week as most presenters continue working on their content until the conference.
  3. Select how far in advance of your event you'd like the system to send a reminder email. 3 or 2 days is a good option.
  4. Toggle the Send Email Invites to ON

Note: The system will automatically calculate a due date to be 2 days before your event start.

Sample Email 

The email will automatically contain your event branded banner. In the sample below, the event branding uses EventPilot and the event is called "Demo"

Importing Speaker Submitted Content

When speakers upload content, you can choose when you want to import it into the platform. Speakers can upload or edit content as long as keep the speaker portal enabled (CMS > Add-Ons > Speaker Portal > Enable Portal Access > toggled ON). 

Your Project Manager can help you set up the two import sources or you can set those up yourself at anytime.


  1. CMS > Media > Imports section > Media User Portal
  2. Press the Import button


  1. CMS > Agenda > Imports section > Speaker User Portal
  2. Press the Import button

The uploaded content becomes available on your next data publish. 

Attendee Access

Only logged in attendees have access to the speaker uploaded content. 

Try out attendee access following these steps.