iOS Version 13+

The current version of the operating system as well as the previous version on the latest minor updates are supported. Ensure to keep your device operating system up to date as manufacturers regularly release security updates.

Android Version 8+

Ensure to keep your device operating system up to date as manufacturers regularly release security updates.

While the app may partially run on older Android OS versions (Google WebView is required - latest Google Chrome app must be installed), it is not supported. 

Some Android devices with limited memory are not supported (e.g. Moto G4 & MotoG5 in cases of large events). In this case, please use the mobile web version.

ScanHunt gamification is not supported on Moto G4.

Some features are only available in the native meeting apps. Blackberry devices are not supported.

See current statistics for Apple iOS version distribution and Android version distribution.

Attendee Web App & Online Planner

Web App for all other devices (such as Windows Phones) and Online Planner for desktop are supported on the following browsers. Other browsers may be supported, but are unoptimized or you may experience limited functionality. Some of these browsers do not support virtual features.

Ensure to turn off any ad and pop up blockers you have added to your browser or your system as these tools may incorrectly limit visibility of event related content or limit functionality that requires a popup (e.g. authentication). 

  • Latest Version of Chrome What is the current Chrome browser version?
  • Latest Version of Safari
    • NOTE: Safari defaults Prevent cross checking ON under Preferences > Privacy and needs to be checked off for Planner to work in an iFrame. Users can also launch the full screen direct link to the planner URL.

Note for virtual sessions using the Zoom integration: The Zoom Web SDK currently does not fully support mobile browsers. For best experience, either install the native app or use the desktop Planner on a computer using the latest version of the Chrome browser. 

For security reasons, it is always best to use the latest version of your browser.

Speaker Portal and Organizer CMS

Speaker portal (PDF with audio recording, video upload) and Content Management System (CMS) are limited to the latest version of Chrome on desktop computers only.