How do I moderate the Activity Feed? How can I remove inappropriate comments? Can attendees flag comments for removal?

Modified on Sat, 03 Oct 2020 at 11:12 AM

Users can flag any inappropriate comments by clicking on the menu next to a comment either in the activity feed or in a particular discussion chat.

You can use the CMS to review and remove any flagged comments. 
  1. Log into the CMS and access the Home > Status page of your project
  2. Scroll down to the Administrative Views and select EPConnect Administration
  3. A new popup window appears where you can:
    1. Search for specific comments
    2. Filter Comments that were flagged as spam
  4. Select the particular comment and open the + icon to reveal the Remove Comment button
  5. Alternatively, simply press the button Remove all comments flagged as spam

In this view, you can moderate uploaded photos, remove tweets that should not appear in the activity feed, and check basic information on users such as their username, usertype, or email in the system.

The Activity Feed on the home screen on your planner or the native apps pulls in new content in set intervals (typically 5 minutes depending on server load) and only if new content is available to fetch. If you had no activity in a few weeks, any new tweet, photo, or discussion comment reactivates the Feed. 

When you remove comments, photos, or tweets, they may not immediately disappear from the Activity Feed. Removed comments disappear from the individual discussion topic in real time. 

The Activity Feed displays max 400 records and is cached locally on devices. 

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